Today, first time after a long time,

I felt jealous.

You said that name, and something more,

You had right to speak your mind,

You are free to like anyone you want,

I know, you like many more, not just her,

but still…

I felt jealous.

Why am I not enough? because I won’t commit?

because I will not spell it out in front of everyone?

because you can’t see beyond my shell,

because I have no courage to express,

You didn’t take my name,

I felt jealous

It’s a strange feeling, pain in part of my heart I didn’t know existed,

I didn’t want to talk to you for days,

I wanted to go back in time and not know you all these years,

I didn’t want to feel this way,

but you didn’t stop,

you kept talk about others

and I felt jealous.



We met,

When you were full of yourself and I was unsure of myself

I gathered courage to approach,

but you weren’t ready to give up your attitude

I built a fort of arrogance to hide,

that you found interesting to explore

But I am out of courage to admit,

and you are blind to see beyond the shell

We meet,

but I pretend to be full of myself, and you don’t exist.